The Compound Effect of Salary Steps

Hey Teachers,

We are all showing up right for kids.

One of the biggest things we neglect is taking care of ourselves!

There are very few people asking you to take care of yourself FIRST!

So, I am hoping to share a little secret that will take care of you FIRST and augment your income.

Most teachers DO NOT take salary step advancement seriously.

And I’ll share the impact of this decision over the timespan of a career:

Getting classes under your belt EARLY… pays off over time!

Note the increase in Lifetime Income gain… We’re talking 6-digits!

I’ll save you the details… You get the picture! I entered teaching with a M.Ed. and made it a priority to get the right side of the column ASAP!

In my personal story, it’s earned me an additional $230,000 in life-time earnings.

And BTW most teachers will earn a pension based on the highest 5-years of income.

Why not pay yourself first!

And ensure future financial viability!